RealityCapture is photogrammetry software which creates 3D models out of unordered photographs or laser scans without seams. The most common fields of its current use are cultural heritage, full body scanning, gaming, surveying, mapping, visual effects and virtual reality in general

Unreal Engine Ecosystem

Capturing Reality’s software is able to reconstruct objects and scenes of any size from images or laser scans, yielding 3D scans with unparalleled accuracy and mesh quality at speeds many times faster than competing software.

Prominent Features

RealityCapture enables you to turn ordinary set of photos and/or laser scans into realistic 3D models quickly and
with low hardware requirements.

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Pay Per Input Don’t pay for the software.

Process your data completely for
FREE and license your input only
if you are happy with the results.

Process your data and pay only when satisfied with the result.
Software licensing that actually saves your money



• Support of multiple coordinate systems in one project.
• Automatic CP measurement suggestions.
• Displaying geo-referenced inputs and outputs in a map.
• Detection of coded targets.

Get Job Done In Field

• Inspect tool provides a highly visual means to spotting weaknesses.
• Leave the site with a complete dataset.
• Obtain fast and accurate information about a site progress and reduce downtimes.

Terrestrial laser scans Native Support

Terrestrial laser scans are natively supported inside the application.

They are fully involved even during a camera or a terrestrial laser scanner pose estimation.

Contact GEOTECH3D for 3D Laser Scanning and terrestrial surveys

Outputs Including

Export formats

  • Google Earth KML/KMZ
  • GIS Software GeoTiff

The highest quality 3D models

RealityCapture is the world’s fastest all-in-one photogrammetry software solution.

• RealityCapture feature set replaces many hours of manual processing.
• Handle more projects within same time span.
• Significantly reduce processing time.
• Save on your utilities bill.
• Focus on your goal and let RealityCapture do the rest.

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