AL MAQAM DHOW 3D scanning and Modeling Project

GEOTECH3D demonstration for wooden boat in Dubai, using Leica scan station 2, 3D laser scanner and creating 3D engineering model for ship hull and bridge


The project:

Al Maqam Dhow is one of the oldest Wooden Boats in UAE, it was belonging to Rulers Family in 70's, The Dhow was regularly maintained over years. However due to the technology revolution, the Wooden Dhow Fashion was neglected By Fishermen and Overseas Traders who were the main Users of these Boats.

The mission:

Our client decided converting Al Maqam Dhow into Luxury Yacht and to keep structural Shape as is. The Main Purpose of this Project is To Enhance the Boat Performance By adding Technology Feature into it and To Keep the Shape as Traditional Part.

The Execution:

GEOTECH 3D used High Accurate 3D Reverse Engineering Applications to capture / Analyze and generate Tight 3D Model. We used a Leica Pulse Scanner to scan internal and External Face of the Hull Structure. We generated Registered Point Model and Frame By Frame 3D model. We created this work done in 4weeks.

• AutoCAD 3D
• Rhino Model
• 2D CAD Plans
• Animation Video Fly Through

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