Hotels & Real Estate Property 3D Scanning Project

Massive 3D scan by SLAM Mobile Mapping

A collaborative geospatial project between GEOTECH3D and a luxurious 5-star resort in UAE

This full HD 3D survey project demonstrates

  • Indoor Mobile Mapping
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Topographic Survey
  • Utility Mapping (GPR)
  • Scan To BIM
  • Drone Survey ( UAV )

35,000 squared meters of Architectural buildup including Full MEP Services ( visible & hidden ) from a 550,000 squared meters landscape zone including Topographic And Underground Utility Mapping

3D Scanning Technology - Hardware used:

  • [x] Indoor Mobil Mapping Systems by Viametris
  • [x] Drone System by PhaseOne
  • [x] Static 3D scanning system by FARO
  • [x] Ground Penetration Radar

A generated Point cloud model for the hotel building using a combination of SLAM & PHASE with 6mm point density and a resultant accuracy of 20mm

A BIM generated at LOD 300 from 3D scanning

Results for Architectural, Structural, and MEP documentation and full hotel virtual tour assets with topographic maps, panoramic images, and drone photogrammetry, delivered along with a high-quality CAD model.

The mission:

Geotech 3D scanned the entire facility. The client requested to survey all utilities inside the compound, scan all the exteriors and interiors of the hotel, and to carry out as-built floor plans, utilities plan, MEP plans, topography plan, elevation plan and 3D models.

The Execution:

In this project GEOTECH 3D used all its systems and equipment's such as Leica GPS, Leica scanner, iMMS3 scanner and UAV aerial photogrammetry.

The output of this project are:
• Topographic Plans
• Site Elevation Plans
• Utilities Plans
• Architectural Drawings
• MEP Drawings
• Revit Model

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