Aerial Survey Project


The Project:

Khrais Fort is an old Fort Located in Alain Urban region. It has been restored according to instructions from H.H Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In order to preserve the UAE National heritage.

The Mission:

GEOTECH 3D Instructed to survey and Digital record the Entire Fort External Boundaries and surrounding Fence. Client need to digital Model to produce Ortho Maps, Contour maps, Vertical and horizontalSections.

The Execution:

GEOTECH 3d Used Multirotor Special made Chopper UAV carried with Laser Sensors and Photogrammetry Setup to Collect High Resolution Images and Laser Scan from an Altitude of 200m. The mission runs for 1 hour and collected over 1100 Images and over 68million Point as Point Cloud LAS Format.

We used Leica VIVA-GS15 to integrate the GCP Points with Internal IMUOSD Data, an accurate post process operation was generated to export Accurate Ortho Image and DEM.

Results were impressive, client received a set of multiple data categories like:
• 3D Digital model in AutoCAD / .dae & 3DS.
• VideoWalkthrough
• Topographicmaps
• Point Cloud Model
• High Resolution Still Images / Orthophotos / Oblique Photos
• Google Kmz Model

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