Qasr Al Hosn Restoration Project - GEOTECH3D

The project:

The Qasr Al-Hosn fort ensemble in Abu Dhabi is a monument of the highest cultural significance for the UAE, having witnessed the development of the city and surrounding region from a small fishing village to the modern metropolis of today. The fabricof the buildings can be traced back to numerous building phases between 1790-1990.

The restoration works were undertaken as part the larger redevelopment of the entire Qasr Al-Hosn and Cultural Foundation site to a cultural centre and museum in the centre of Abu Dhabi.

The aim was to consolidate the Fort in line with international standards for monument conservation.

The mission:

To help restoration Consultant, GEOTECH 3D Instructed to make Architectural Survey for many phases within the complex, using 3d scanning,photogrammetry, drone and conventional methods, Geotech 3D has recorded numerousof digital contents that been converted into 3d materials such as 3D models and CAD 2D/3D maps.

The Execution:

GEOTECH 3D used 3D scanning system ( BLK360 -Photogrammetrywith Sony alpha7to Collect High Resolution Image.

Generated dense point cloud model over time (3 years cumulative recording),

Point cloud and photogrammetry used to generate:

  • 3Dmodel in AutoCAD
  • 2D AutoCAD Drawings
  • Topographic Map
  • Contour Map
  • Point Cloud Model
  • High resolution still images
  • High resolution Ortho photo
  • Video Walk through
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