Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Map and the real world representation most be clear and accurate. which mean information will be known about scale which shows the relationship between distance on the map to distance in the real world orientation shows which way is north and the other is height to be able to do this the map maker must know the position of the selection of features that can be seen clearly on the map.

These positions known us survey control. modern maps is usually based on overlapping photographs taken from the aircraft.

Many type of map which actually classified according to what they are attempting to show however it must be noted that there are many way to interpret the type of map. there are two type of maps.

Those which summarise the actual landscape and other which describe on specific feathers for ease of describing functionality quite different maps:

  • General reference
  • Topographic
  • Thematic
  • Navigation chart
  • Cadastral maps and plans

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