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3D Scanning Training Sessions

Including field data collection and post process of point cloud

Field Data Collection and Point Cloud Post Processing

We provide 3D measurement training sessions will help you learn every phase of 3D scanning and data processing, whether you are using it for reverse engineering, design, rapid prototyping, or inspection.

Regardless of the submission, our Geotech 3D trainers will walk you through all of the steps so that you can perform scans and process data.

Training Sessions GEOTECH3D Services

Hands-on sessions are included to ensure that preparation is tailored to the application and that participant strengths and areas for improvement are easily recognized.

Our instructors will also assist you in increasing the productivity and consistency of your work.


This course teaches participants how to process and analyze digitized data using post-processing software.


Aerial survey training sessions

Users of professional geodesic unmanned vehicles will benefit from this course. The user masters the
technology of geodetic aerial photography during the course, and gains practical information for project

The drone industry has exploded in the last year. As a result, thousands of pilots have entered the
industry, and hundreds of commercial drone models have been created.

Most people used to think of UAVs as high-tech toys, but that is no longer the case.

Many of these devices are used for serious tasks, such as photo and video capturing, object tracking, mapping, and 3D
modeling, which includes the construction of digital terrain models, orthophotomaps, and other
topographic tasks.

Since we know how necessary it is for our clients to have both practical and theoretical knowledge of aerial survey and photogrammetry data processing, Geotech3D has created a course where you can learn essential UAV surveying skills.

Use cases for aerial photography, the basics of drone image capture, strategies for collecting aerial data for mapping, and ways to enhance map accuracy are just a few of the topics covered.

Drone pilots would have acquired adequate and required expertise to conduct accurate aerial surveys, data processing, and mapping without the use of ground control points after completing the training.

Provide consultancy on premises and planning

All technical disciplines, including architecture, structural design, technical construction services, traffic and infrastructure planning, building physics, and acoustics, are researched, tendered, and designed by us.

In addition, we supervise the building process.

Our products and services

We also have consultancy services on setting up of departments and wide range of geospatial strategies are offered.

We deliver cutting-edge geospatial data analysis, scientific studies, web GIS, and personalized mapping services.

Set up drone department, pilot training, certification and software training

We provide expert and customized organizational drone training to companies all over UAE and even all
over the world. With this you will be able to set up and run a drone department. We also train your
employees on how to man flights and control drone flights and provide certification after all training has
been completed up to include all software training so as to be able to control drones efficiently.

Drone inspection (QA & AC)

Drones need special quality assurance since their advanced hardware and ability to execute autonomous functions must be checked.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are intelligent devices with numerous internal components.

QC professionals provide customers with insight into the consistency, condition, and status of their order before it leaves the warehouse by performing a series of structured, on-site tests and checks during inspection

Training Services Also Include

Survey study, consultancy, and survey projects management training

We provide survey consultancy services at pocket friendly price to all clients. Surveys, whether for reviews or analysis, must be handled as projects that needs good management.

Perhaps you have employees who can run the survey program once it is up and running, but they do not have the
experience to do so. We are here to provide that service

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