Thermal Inspection

GEOTECH3D operates highly effective drones with this we can inspect almost anything by use of thermal imagery. use the best available technology in the market to combine Aerial vehicles with Thermal Camera, we Use FLIR systems along with our DJI drones to capture Façade of buildings / detect heat a map on Solar Panels, detect Cooling leakage from buildings By detecting heat transformation outside glass or cladding, we used a thermal drone system to inspect AC cool leakage outside the building by flying drones to photo capture Façade and create a full heat map. we also provide you with thermal imagery services that you require for your project, we help you reduce the cost of traveling and also time by offering you professional services using drones that are operated by our experts and make you happy as a client, By use of drones, you can be able to get 360 degrees thermal view without much effort. And you can access all the structures of the building for any damage that might be unnoticed by the use of an eye. This would help save time and also reduce any danger

Thermal imaging drone services

  1. Residential Inspection
  • with thermal imagery you can be able to inspect your residential premises.
    With this, you can be able to deal with heat leakages that may have happened without your knowledge,
    and even areas in the roof that may have been damaged by water,
    with this you can carryout repairs as early as possible.
  1. Thermal Rooftop Inspection
  • We provide thermal rooftop inspections by use of thermal imagery.
    With this you can be able to access any damages that may have been caused by water,
    this would be of help as problems would be discovered earlier before they cause more harm, with this,
    you can reduce the cost of repairs. With the use of drones, we guarantee safety, fastest speed, and also efficiency
  1. Electrical Inspections
  • With thermal imagery, you can be able to inspect outdoor electrical facilities to determine if there is overheating, this would help prevent spoilage of the components.
    Problems would be fixed faster and would help reduce the cost of buying new components.
  1. Infrared Solar Panel Inspections
  • With thermal imagery and the use of drones,
    you can be able to inspect your solar panels at any time to determine faultiness and replace or fix where necessary.
    With this, you can improve the efficiency and you'll get high power output and you could maximize your returns.
  1. Agricultural Infrared Inspections
  • Thermal imagery has been used in agriculture to assess the quality of the crops and the health.
    With aerial thermal imagery, you get a complete orthomosaic view of your crops.
    This would help in spending resources wisely and determining what the crops need exactly

Using Professional Drone Inspection

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